An ISO 9001/2008
Cast Nylon (Polyamide) - PA6G
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Cast Nylon About
ANULON 115 is a high-molecular thermoplastic material which is produced by the active anionic polymerization of lactams. In the pressure less casting process the monomer us meltist poured into moulds and controlled by chemical reaction, is polymerized directly into semi-finished products or shaped cast pieces.  ANULON 115 is a solid, low stress homogeneous material with a high degree of crystalline and is typically light-beige in colour. In addition to this, the properties and characteristics are accentuated by means of modification, special settings and additives. ANULON 115 with controlled percentage of Molybdenum Di-sulphide (MOS2) increase the slip bearing properties, stiffness and wear resistance. ANULON 115 with controlled percentage of Oil increases the self lubricating characteristics and lower the Coefficient of friction.  ANULON 115 is most versatile Engineering Thermoplastic processed into components.  ANULON 115 has replaced successfully steel, cast iron, gun metal and stainless steel. Due to low Co-efficient of friction against ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Another Important factors, both economically and mechanically, is the relative light weight of Cast Nylon - approximately 1/8 the weight of bronze, 1/7 the weight of the cast iron, and 1/2 the weight of aluminium, which reduces both the inertial and static loads and eases the handling of large components during maintenance or replacement procedures. ANULON 115 bushes, gears, sprockets give trouble free service with minimum maintenance and even without external lubrications. ANULON 115 is resistant to all types of grease and oil and solvent. The noise & shock is absorbed by ANULON 115 components making them ideal for modern concept of environment. The components are characterized by their high strength, toughness and high impact strength; making it most suitable material in load bearing applications.
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